The Mississippi State University Campus-Community Emergency Response Team (MSU C-CERT) is an organized team comprised of 24 faculty, staff, and graduate students from across the university who are committed to providing service to the MSU community, the city of Starkville, and Oktibbeha County in times of emergency and disaster. Each member of the team has successfully completed the requisite training, formal curriculum and applied skills exercises that were developed and approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Training topics included, but were not limited to, CERT Team Organization, Disaster Psychology, Fire Safety, Light Search and Rescue, and Basic Disaster Medical Services, etc.

CERT teams and C-CERT teams provide invaluable resources in times of community need. Team members are trained in a variety of response and recovery functions that can prevent and treat certain injuries and could possibly prevent fatalities. These teams are already engaged in the communities that they represent, so they have the ability to assess and respond to situations before local response officials can arrive. This timeframe can prove critical to preventing further injuries and perhaps saving lives. MSU C-CERT members have a distinct daily relationship with this campus in that they spend the majority of their day here and are intricately involved its livelihood and prosperity.