Committee Assignments

Training Committee
Function(s): Coordination of all training programs (required and otherwise) within team
Chair: Brent Crocker                   
Members: Ben, Ryan, Courtney

Communications/Public Relations Committee
Function(s): Management of email lists, website, phone tree, social media, etc. and public relations
Chair: Paul Huddleston                              
Members: Bobby,  Ryan                                                   

Volunteer Services/Educational Programs Committee              
Function(s): Development and delivery of proactive educational programs and volunteer opportunities
Chair: Meggan Franks
Members:  Ben, Dan, Dante, Jason Townsend, Ryan, Carolyn, Melissa, Jack, TJ, Laura

Equipment/Supplies Committee
Function(s) – Coordination of supplies and inventory for training and response roles
Chair: Ryan Akers
Members: Brent, Bobby, Wes

Grants/Funding Committee
Function(s) – Securing necessary funding for team needs and continuity of training
Chair: Ryan Akers

Membership Committee
Function(s) – Identify and contact potential CERT members
Chair: Ryan Akers