Dr. Ashley Perry


Dr. Ashley Perry joined MSU CERT in August 2015, and is active in the organization both as a current CERT Strike Team Leader and a certified MyPI and Ready in the Middle instructor.  She has been a faculty member in the Sociology department at Mississippi State since 2013.  In addition to her role as Criminology Instructor and Undergraduate Advisor, she is also a co-moderator of the Sociological Student Association (SSA).  She holds degrees from Louisiana State University (Ph.D., Sociology 2014; M.A., Sociology 2007) and St. Bonaventure University (B.A., Psychology 2005).  In her free time she loves to travel, both to her home state of New York and to new destinations, and she is especially looking forward to attending the upcoming European Society of Criminology annual conference in Cardiff, Wales.  She appreciates the community of friends and colleagues she has formed during her time here at Mississippi State, and is especially grateful for the opportunities to become more involved and give back to that community through her role in CERT’s various outreach programs.