P.R.E.P. Workshop

P.R.E.P.On July 13, 2012, MSU C-CERT coordinated its first annual Personal Readiness and Emergency Preparation (P.R.E.P.) workshop to over 130 participants from the MSU, Starkville, and Oktibbeha County communities.  The one-day program covered a wide variety of breakout sessions focusing on development of disaster preparedness kits and communication plans, basic first aid skills, local preparation and recovery resources, evacuation planning, animal care in times of emergency, and caring for special populations in times of emergency.  Additionally, a keynote speaker addressed extreme weather events and best practices during inclement weather and a disaster preparedness expert panel fielded questions from the audience. 

The 2012 P.R.E.P. agenda can be viewed here.

Program evaluations and assessment statements of agreement (5: Excellent to 1: Poor) indicated that the workshop enhanced audience knowledge of emergency preparedness best practices as well as individual and family safety (Mean: 4.52), and the roles of individuals and organizations in preparing and responding to an emergency and/or disaster (Mean: 4.64).  Furthermore, audience members noted that they plan to use the materials provided and knowledge gained from the workshop in making informed decisions about individual/family safety and emergency preparedness (Mean: 4.64).  Finally, the majority of participants indicated that they would recommend the workshop to others (Mean: 4.59) and that they would consider attending the workshop again (Mean: 4.54). 

P.R.E.P Workshops will be held during National Preparedness Month September 16-21, 2013. 

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