Current Roster

Name Title Departmentsort descending
Todd Dunn Building Maint Tech II Colvard Student Union
Dr. Carlen Henington Professor Counseling & Educational Psychogy
Karrie Files Academic Records Supervisor Counseling, Ed Psyc, & Foundations
Wes Lowe Research Associate III Department of Ag. and Bio. Engineering
Dante Hill Area Coordinator Department of Housing & Residence Life
Jason Townsend Associate Director, Lifelong Activities Department of Recreational Sports
Brandon Wigginton Env Health & Safety Technician Environmental Hlth & Safety
Jack Purser Area Coordinator Housing and Residence Life
Russ Garner Data Management Specialist MAFES Sales Store
Brent Crocker Emergency Manager Mississippi State University
Paul Huddleston Network and Systems Manager Mitchell Memorial Library
Dr. Ryan Akers (Coordinator) Asst. Ext. Professor, Community Prep/Disaster Mgt. MSU Extension
Bobby Goff Assistant Manager of Computing Systems MSU Extension, Center for Technology Outreach
Ben Sharpe Hazardous Waste Coordinator Office of Regulatory Compliance and Safety
Jacob Forrester Contruction Administrator PDCA-Planning Design & Constr Admin
T.J. Bradford Instructor Plant and Soil Sciences
Dr. Tom Tabler Extension Professor Poultry Science
Melissa Inmon Procurement Card Manager Procurement and Contracts
Will Jordan Coordinator, Rec Facilities Sanderson Center
Dr. Laura Greenhaw Assistant Professor School of Human Sciences
Dr. Ashley Perry Instructor Sociology
Nicole Cobb Grants & Contracts Admin Sponsored Program Administration
Meggan Franks Assistant Director Student Leadership & Community Engagement

Team Assignments/Phone Tree Leads

Communication Point of Origin:  Ryan Akers
Team A - Lead: Wes Lowe Tom Tabler, Brent Crocker
Team B - Lead: Ashley Perry Laura Greenhaw, Karrie Files
Team C - Lead: Ben Sharpe Melissa Inmon, Nicole Cobb,
Team D - Lead: Bobby Goff Meggan Franks, Jacob Forrester
Team E - Lead: Paul Huddleston Dante Hill, Jack Purser
Team F - Lead:Russ Garner TJ Bradford, Todd Dunn
Team G - Lead: Brandon Wigginton Carlen Henington, Will Jordan

Committee Assignments

Training Committee
Function(s): Coordination of all training programs (required and otherwise) within team
Chair: Brent Crocker                   
Members: Ben, Ryan, Courtney

Communications/Public Relations Committee
Function(s): Management of email lists, website, phone tree, social media, etc. and public relations
Chair: Paul Huddleston                              
Members: Bobby,  Ryan                                                   

Volunteer Services/Educational Programs Committee              
Function(s): Development and delivery of proactive educational programs and volunteer opportunities
Chair: Meggan Franks
Members:  Ben, Dan, Dante, Jason Townsend, Ryan, Carolyn, Melissa, Jack, TJ, Laura

Equipment/Supplies Committee
Function(s) – Coordination of supplies and inventory for training and response roles
Chair: Ryan Akers
Members: Brent, Bobby, Wes

Grants/Funding Committee
Function(s) – Securing necessary funding for team needs and continuity of training
Chair: Ryan Akers

Membership Committee
Function(s) – Identify and contact potential CERT members
Chair: Ryan Akers