Team Composition

Team members bring a wealth of experience, subject matter expertise, and valuable skillsets to the team. Members were selected based on previous skills and expertise and were also targeted for selection due to their employment in “high traffic” areas of campus, including the Colvard Student Union, the Mitchell Memorial Library, the Sanderson Center, and Housing and Residence Life. The team has received a variety of ICS/NIMS training (100-800) and includes an Assistant Extension Professor in Crisis Preparation and Disaster Management, two Governmental Training Specialists who deal directly with ICS training and emergency planning, a Biosafety Officer, two members of MSU Facilities Management who have extensive knowledge of campus grounds, a Lab Safety Manager, a Lab and Environmental Safety Coordinator, a Safety Officer, several First Aid, CPR and AED instructors, a Hazardous Waste Coordinator, and two members with university accounting and finance backgrounds. Incidentally, the team also includes two Emergency Medical Technicians with another about to begin that training, two volunteer fire fighters, a member of the State EOC, a 911 Emergency Telecommunications Instructor, several University Crisis Action Team members (who understand that their primary duties supersede any role with MSU C-CERT), and American Red Cross volunteers. A majority of the team has hurricane and tornado recovery experience. We have several team members with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard Certification, and the majority of the team has current First Aid/CPR certifications and several have AED certifications.